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Hevadex UK

Sole Supplier and Applicator of OMNIGUARD.
A durable and peelable protection film for windows and doors during construction.


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Professionally Applied For Complete Piece of Mind.

Our OMNIGUARD Coating is a professionally applied directly to windows and frames and other high-value precious assets during construction. It’s perfect for hotels, schools, high-rise buildings and other valuable developments.

Unlike traditional plastic coverings, OMNIGUARD stays adhered to the surface until the construction phase is over and is physically removed. OMNIGUARD will protect precious surfaces from dirt, cement spatter, grinder sparks and other forms of damage often caused on worksites.

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Top Quality Products and Application, Guaranteed.

OMNIGUARD has been put through various testing to ensure it is fit for purpose within the UK Construction Industry. OMNIGUARD has certificates for A, B and C. For more information, please get in touch.

Hevadex UK is the sole supplier and applicator of OMNIGUARD. Our team of experts ensure the work is specified and applied professionally, giving you the peace of mind your assets will be protected throughout the construction phase. We will also come to remove and dispose of the coating at the end of your project.

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